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What is Anal?

Anal sex or "greek" is the act of penetrating your partners anus with your penis. Sometimes this term extends itself to the use of toys or objects.  This form of intercourse is made more popular by the inceased anal activity in porn movies.  We've all seen our favourite porn star getting reamed and wish we were in there!

Anal sex invokes pleasure from a few aspects. It is a very dominant form of intercourse where a man feels he is in control and dominating and subjecting his partner to his penis.  This can also be associated with punishment and these two elements give men a sense of power.  Anal sex falls in the category of a taboo sexual act which also adds to the pleasure of doing it.

The anus is generally tighter than the vagina and this obviously brings greater physical pleasure to the cock. Some women receiving anal experience orgasms, generally this happens because of the closeness of the "g-spot" in this position.

Anal sex is a high risk activity in terms of HIV/AIDS and should always be performed with a condom.  

It can be performed by people of all sexual orientations and, depending upon the context in which it is performed, it may be used for personal pleasure or as a form of erotic punishment and violation. Because of the tightness and lack of natural lubrication, external gel lubrication is recommended.  Anal can be performed from various positions - doggie, on top, missionary with legs up etc.  Experiment and enjoy the pleasure of thrusting your cock into a tight ass.

If you do decide to venture around the back play it safe when it comes to protection and enjoy the new, cheeky, addition to your sexual repertoire.


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